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Water stories

Stories, poems and experiences related to water. 
The power water can have and the way it shapes our lives and memories. Every story is beautiful, every story is important, every story can make an impact - we often underestimate the strength of stories and experiences, the power of speaking up.

Be part of the water stories and The Northern Water Club by sharing your wisdom. Get in touch with us and we will add your story, experience or art (you can also do it anonymously in case you want to protect your identity).


Zoé kerkhof

Coming soon


"When I look at the ocean, I think about the greater connectivity of life."


"Surfing gave me a new purpose in my life."


Marit oomens

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"It feels like you have been dropped in a bottle of blue paint."


"Je moet nooit opgeven en blijven doen wat je leuk vindt.”


"As a user of nature, I feel obliged to give back."


“Spirituality and nature conservation go hand in hand.”