the plastic soup surfer

As an avid kite surfer Tinga is annoyed by all the plastic waste he sees washed up on his local beach, as a biologist he is familiar with the harmful effects on marine life. In 2014, he decided to combine art and activism: he called himself The Plastic Soup Surfer, crafted his first plastic soup board from plastic litter in his studio, and kitesurfed 350 kilometers along the Dutch and Belgian coast to draw attention to the problem of litter and the plastic soup. It is a period in time when there is still little public awareness on the effects of plastic on the environment.
With spectacular expeditions and record attempts that follow he attracts the attention of politicians and companies. And had them change policy or had certain products banned from the shelves. The political break-through that led to the implementation of deposits on small plastic bottles in the Netherlands is a direct result of one of his campaigns.
Surfers are the natural ambassadors to a clean ocean. It is their playground that they need to protect.
The Plastic Soup Surfer wrote a book on his campaigns, adventures and vision on plastic in our society which is available in shops, online and as audiobook (in Dutch)

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