moonflower tribe

The Moonflower tribe invites you to submerge yourself into the lessons of the ocean. 


From the moment I started surfing I noticed the power of the ocean. She has shown me her great wisdom. Teaching me the lessons I need to learn in life day after day. An easy playful wave to calm my mind, a stormy session to face my frustration or falling flat on my face because I try too hard. Whatever is happening within you, the ocean seems to know, and she is not shy to show you. 


Listening to these lessons have brought me great joy in life, and I wish this upon every single one of you. This is why I have found the Moonflower Tribe, aspiring to guide people in their personal journey.


The moonflower is a powerful flower which uses dark times to flourish as she blooms overnight. This is the foundation of the Moonflower tribe. I believe strongly that humans grow when facing moments of difficulty. Our inner potential will develop as we open our arms to our challenges.


At Moonflower tribe I offer mindful surf sessions and surf therapy, to guide you in your personal journey. We use surfing as a way to face your challenges, work through them, and calm down your nervous-system. 

The ocean is a great mirror and will always provide you with the right lessons. We merely have to open ourselves to what she has to tell us. 

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