julia van rooij

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Professional surfer & ocean enthusiast from the Netherlands. In the past years Julia competed with results: she has been champion of the Benelux in 2012, earned several National podium spots, and has been on the Dutch National team representing the Netherlands during the World Surfing Games in Japan (2018), and El Salvador (2021).
Ocean awareness and plastic pollution are topics that keeps Julia busy. As she says: "As a user of nature, I feel obliged to give back." And so she is trying to combine her travels with projects to give back in any kind of way. 

I do believe it starts with yourself. Raise your awareness of your own habits, and try to find more sustainable solutions for those if necessary. Live responsible by shifting your thinking, and put on your most swagger inspector glasses. Where do things come from? How has it been made, and by who? What road has it made? Where does it go to after we throw it away? How can I use it for as long as possible? 
Take your time, step by step, and don't blame yourself when you have a moment for not doing it as you think it should be. Rather ask yourself why this road is made so wobbly, and that you chose to ride it. Inspire and keep on being inspired by every little thing, and everyone that's changing. In the end, we’re all trying to become our best.

The 5 re’s that are still helping me on a daily base
1) Rethink: what firm do you support? Help shorten the supply chain.

2) Refuse: (plastic) objects that you don't particularly need.
3) Reduce: your usage of whatever you’re using a lot.
4) Repair: whatever is broken; fix it! 
5) Reuse: for as long as possible.
Give back in your way, wherever you are. Go outside, enjoy nature and enjoy the small changes on this planet we’re living on.