Our aim is to create awareness about the benefits of water on the health of humans, in hope that with the building and strengthening of a relationship, humans are keener to protect our rivers, lakes and oceans. Because not only are they important for the environment, but for our health too. 


The Name

We wanted a strong powerful name that also illustrates the feeling of community, of being part of something. We are based in the Netherlands and our playground is the North Sea, thus it is about the north. We do not need crystal clear waters of 20 degrees or more, to feel the power of water, but a simple pond, a lake or the cold North Sea do just as well. 

The Logo

The logo represents the depths and coastline of the North Sea, the shore of the Netherlands and the other countries around it. The circle represents the unity of people, equality for all, the community and The Northern Water Club. Then there is the imperfection of the lines that get out of the circle because everybody is different and everybody has a different journey. 

Designed by Demi Kerkhof

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Created - December 2021